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Raicilla is a historic category of agave spirits from the state of Jalisco, which offers a vast diversity of maguey. The expansive terroir, along with a unique confluence of cultures and largest variety of pre-industrial still types, gives us an experience that is an incredible spectrum of flavor.

La Venenosa bridges the gap between this unique landscape to preserve the culture and practices of these offerings.

La Venenosa and its founder, Esteban Morales Garibi, have brought Raicilla to the world.  Working with traditional producers across the region,

La Venenosa offers a selection that highlights the diversity of Jalisco and its people.   


Raicilla has been the identity of the agave spirits of this region for over 300 years.  Its recent exposure in the global arena led to a fight for control of identity.  Unfortunately, the narrow-visioned have prevailed and a D.O. has been established that wrongfully excludes many.  For that reason, La Venenosa is moving in the direction of identifying as ESPIRITU DE JALISCO on its labels.  Rest assured, these are some of the finest RAICILLAS!

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