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Tutsi is the name of the agave spirit made by the Wizradikan people often called Huichol. These communities from NW Jalisco are famous for their beadwork known as Chaquira and their ancestral practice of distillation. Don Rafael’s Tutsi is fermented in stone and distilled a single time in a tree trunk. Most batches are less than 80 liters. 

TABERNERO Don Rafael Carrillo Pizano


MAGUEY Masparillo


VILLAGE Tatei Kie, La Guayaba, Jalisco


OVEN/FUEL Earthen pit, volcanic rock / oak


MILL Hand chopped with wooden mallet


FERMENT Tinaco, wild yeast


DISTILLATION 1 X Tree trunk with copper pipe, Wixarika style



Aroma – BBQ brisket, stewed fruit

Taste – Mint, cooked plum

Texture – Fresh and bold, with velvet sweet finish


UPC 613739981504

ABV 40-48



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