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Tabernas is the regional term for distillery. This expression is meant to make amazing raicilla available at affordable prices. With that, it is wonderful by itself but very approachable for cocktails as well.

TABERNERO José Salcedo Ríos


MAGUEY Maximiliana/Chico Aguiar


VILLAGE El Mosco, Sierra Occidental de Jalisco


OVEN/FUEL Adobe and volcanic rock / black oak


MILL Hand chopped with machete before passing through small shredder


FERMENT Tinaco, wild yeast


DISTILLATION 2X stainless steel and copper



Aroma – Orange peel, oregano, green apple

Taste – Lemongrass, cinnamon, oak

Texture – Smooth, mineral forward with a spicy finish


UPC 613739980699

ABV 43-46



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