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The Sierra Volcanes region of southern Jalisco is home to the oldest known traditions of distillation in Mexico. Maestro Arturo Campos uses clay pot stills, stone pit fermenters, and Maguey Cenizo Gigante to deliver a curiosity driving sensory experience. 

TABERNERO Don Arturo Campos


MAGUEY Angustifolia spp. (cenizo)


VILLAGE San Juan Espanatica, Tuxpan, Sierra Sur de Jalisco


OVEN/FUEL Earth pit with volcanic rock / oak


MILL Hand chopped with machete before pass through shredder


FERMENT Stone bath in ground, wild yeast


DISTILLATION 2 X Clay pot, Philippine style



Aroma – Blackberry, blueberry, cooked agave

Taste – Green apple, smoke, pomegranate

Texture – Fresh and fruity, long dry finish


UPC 799599687708

ABV 45-48



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