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Maestra Tabernera Blanca Rodríguez Gonzáles is the first woman in charge of a Taberna in raicilla production. She carries on the tradition of her father Don Chalio in the coastal region of Cabo Corrientes. Made with a classic blend of mature farmed rhodacantha and angustifolia, Blanca offers notes of minerality, ripe fruit and green herbs with smooth velvet finish. 

TABENERA Blanca Rodríguez Gonzáles


MAGUEY Rhodacantha & Angustifolia


VILLAGE Juntas del Sur, Cabo Corrientes, Jalisco


OVEN/FUEL Earthen pit with volcanic rock / black oak


MILL Hand chopped with machete before passing through small shredder


FERMENT Stainless steel with wild yeast


DISTILLATION 2X stainless steel Philippine style



Aroma – Oily, ripe fruit, mineral

Taste – Slightly astringent, floral, herbal, smooth

Texture – Smooth, velvety, fresh


UPC 799599687678

ABV 46


La VeneNOSA Blanca

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