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Aged 20 years in glass, this single distilled raicilla made from Tequilana is truly a rare opportunity. The end of the 20th century saw a major surplus in Agave Tequilana Weber Azul. In raicilla country (Sierra Occidental, Jalisco) there were many farmers of Tequilana with fields of mature agave but no market to sell them. Don Guelo had a campesino friend that offered him his surplus Tequilana - all he had to do was harvest it. He had as much blue weber that he could handle at his little taberna and he made around 5000 liters of single distilled raicilla. In his region Agave Maximiliana is king, which made it difficult to sell his raicilla azul. It sat in glass, evolving in a unique way until La Venenosa had the good fortune of bringing it back to market.

MAESTRO Don Margarito "Don guelo" Aguirre


MAGUEY Weber Azul (Tequiliana)


VILLAGE La Estancia, Sierra Occidental


OVEN/FUEL Adobe / oak


MILL By hand




DISTILLATION 1 X Alembic of stainless steel



Aroma – Clay, sweet potato, pine

Taste – Wheat, honey, quince, oxidized wine

Texture – Fresh, mineral, long bitter finish

UPC 613739980651

ABV 41.8



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