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The tree trunk distillation used by Alberto ‘Beto’ Hernández is something we don’t get to experience in most other spirits of the world. Unique in style and flavor, this coastal raicilla brings us a glimpse into some of the oldest distilling techniques of Mexico. This expression is historically significant, as well as culturally and economically impactful.

TABERNERO Don Alberto Hernández


MAGUEY Rhodacantha (amarillo) Angustifolio (chico aguiar)


VILLAGE Llano Grande, Cabo Corrientes, Costa de Jalisco


OVEN/FUEL Above ground adobe with volcanic rock / oak


MILL Hand chopped with machete before pass through shredder


FERMENT Tinaco, wild yeast


DISTILLATION 2 X Tree trunk and copper Philippine style 



Aroma – Sweet smoke, roasted pineapple, green pepper

Taste – Earth, pine, herbs, wood

Texture – Fresh and bold, velvet finish


UPC 799599687692

ABV 44-47 



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