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Fidencio Único stands out as a truly distinctive mezcal, offering a fresh perspective on Espadín by capturing the essence of agave eau-de-vie. In a departure from traditional wood roasting, the agave undergoes neutral cooking through dry, radiant heat in an oven designed and built by Enrique himself. This method allows the Espadín to shine without the influence of a smoke profile. Perfect for spirited cocktail and those venturing into the world of mezcal.

MAESTRO Enrique Jiménez


MAGUEY Espadín Angustifolia


VILLAGE Santiago Matatlán, Oaxaca


OVEN/FUEL Earthen pit with volcanic rock / black oak


MILL Tahona


FERMENT Wild fermented, pine vats


DISTILLATION 2X 500 liter alembic of copper



Aroma – Green apple, baked pear, caramelized agave

Taste – Candies nuts, ripe agave, wet earth

Texture – Medium body, warm and balanced


UPC 736040517719

ABV 45-49



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