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Tepextate is a large agave that can take up to 30 years to mature. Mezcals crafted from this agave variety are known for their bold character with herbal notes and robust spice. The amount of time spent in the ground produces a mezcal that is incredibly expressive of terroir.

MAESTRO Enrique Jiménez


MAGUEY Tepextate A. Marmorata


VILLAGE Santiago Matatlán, Oaxaca


OVEN/FUEL Earthen pit with volcanic rock / black oak


MILL Tahona


FERMENT Wild fermented, pine vats


DISTILLATION 2X 500 liter alembic of copper



Aroma – Jalapeño, berries, spice

Taste – Cherry, blackberry, spice

Texture – Bold and spicy


UPC 516876092457

ABV 48-51



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