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OAXACA & Santiago matatlán


fidencio & Del Amigo

guardianes del mezcal


Join the families of Enrique Jiménez, Valentin Cortes, Leoncio Santiago & Octavia Hernández as we explore their culture,

traditions & techniques dating as far back as 1840. 

2024 dates

February 2-6

Oaxaca City &

Santiago Matalán

 Arrive in Oaxaca City to a welcome dinner at Ofrenda. Travel to Guardianes Del Mezcal the next morning where we will taste Dixeebe, Origen Raiz, Ron Don Chingon & the special reserve batches protected in the cellar "El Cemetario". We will enjoy lunch with Don Valentin and Asis Cortés & family. For dinner, we will join Don Leoncio & Doña Octavia of Dianzu. We will tour the distillery & taste the new line of artesanal mezcals made by the husband & wife team & family. We will enjoy a day of rest on Sunday and then head to Santiago Matalán on Monday to spend the day with the Jiménez Family of Del Amigo & Fidencio. Enrique & his daughters will take us to the agave fields & host a tour of the palenque as well as host a full tasting to include special barrel aged batches. We head back to the Ofrenda Guest house for a final dinner together. 

JULY 25-29

Oaxaca, Mitla &

Santiago Matatlán

This trip starts in Oaxaca City with a welcome dinner hosted by Asis & Mar Cortes in the Ofrenda courtyard. We travel the next morning to Santiago Matatlán and spend the day with Enrique Jiménez & family of Fidencio & Del Amigo. After, we will check into Casa Lyobaa in Mitla a restful guest house with a pool where we will share a meal prepared by a local chef. On Saturday, we will visit Guardianes Del Mezcal & Dianzu. We will spend the day with Don Valentine, Asis Cortés & Family and Don Leoncio Santiago & Doña Octavia Hernández. We head back to Oaxaca City on Sunday where we will enjoy our final dinner with the families. 

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