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Madrecuixe is a sub-varietal of Agave karwinskii. These agaves grow taller rather than rounder providing less sugars and have lower yields. They produce mezcals that are both rich and mineral forward. We use all wild agave responsibly sourced from the mountains surrounding Santiago Matatlán.

MAESTRO Enrique Jiménez


MAGUEY Madrecuixe A. Karwinski


VILLAGE Santiago Matatlán, Oaxaca


OVEN/FUEL Earthen pit with volcanic rock / black oak


MILL Tahona


FERMENT Wild fermented, pine vats


DISTILLATION 2X 500 liter alembic of copper



Aroma – Sweet smoke, roasted agave, fresh rain

Taste – Brûléed sugar, fresh cut wood, wet stone

Texture – Fresh and bold with a velvet finish


UPC 609613750212

ABV 48-50



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