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Fidencio Clásico is crafted exclusively from 100% Espadín harvested from the Jiménez estate. By utilizing fully matured capón agave and bottling at batch proof, this mezcal offers a rich and complex profile, making it suitable for everyday enjoyment. With a heritage spanning over 120 years, this expression reflects the family's longstanding expertise, making it an ideal starting point for anyone embarking on a mezcal journey.

MAESTRO Enrique Jiménez


MAGUEY Espadín Angustifolia


VILLAGE Santiago Matatlán, Oaxaca


OVEN/FUEL Earthen pit with volcanic rock / black oak


MILL Tahona


FERMENT Wild fermented, pine vats


DISTILLATION 2X 500 liter alembic of copper



Aroma – Delicate wood smoke, green pepper, dried tobacco

Taste – Red apple, pine, roasted agave

Texture – Full body, rich with a spicy finish


UPC 000309515038

ABV 47-49



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