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Wild sotol plants grow easily in Malpaís, Durango. The land of Viñata El Ojo is both rugged and generous. Exploring the Sotol Spirit from this native plant gives us another view into the terroir and creativity of the natural environment.

MAESTRO Don Valentin Cortés

VINATERO Don Job Rodriguez

MAGUEY Dasylirion Cedrosanum


VILLAGE El Ojo, Malpais, Durango


OVEN/FUEL Earthen pit  / black oak


MILL Tahona


FERMENT Wild fermented, pine vats


DISTILLATION 2X 280 liter alembic of copper



Aroma – Spun sugar, bright red berry, almond

Taste – Mineral forward, sweet grass, soft smoke

Texture – Balanced, smooth, lingering


UPC 7500462431457

ABV 47-50


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