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When the Rodriguez family inherited an estate in Michoacán they dreamed of farming their own blue weber agave. With their own hands and the help of their neighbors they started planting agave in the early 2000’s. When their crops matured, the price of agave was so low that they chose to instead start their own tequila brand with their estate grown blue weber. 


Distilled in Jalisco from 100% estate grown agave from Michoacán, this was the first Tequila of its kind. The Rodriguez family began importing it to the U.S. but after a time priorities shifted and the project went dormant. In 2020 the Rodriguez’ and Fidencio Spirits teamed up with a plan to relaunch the brand.  This amazing opportunity is rolling out in phases.  

Mi Casa 2022 label font with embe_HIGH RESOLUTION.png


  • Phase 1 - existing US inventory includes Blanco, Reposado and Añejo rested in glass bottles for 10 years

  • Phase 2 - is of a decade old production.  Expressions that will be available: 

    • Blanco at 45.5%

    • 9 year Extra Añejo Small Batch

    • 9 year Extra Añejo Single Barrel

  • Phase 3 - new make beginning next season.  

    • Blanco - tank rested for min 1 yr

    • Barrels will get filled for aging  



Mi Casa Blanco is 100% Blue Weber from a single estate in Michoacán.



For this 9 year Extra Añejo, batches of 8 barrels were matched together based on flavor profile, proof, and texture.



After tasting through 75 barrels, the most unique and expressive were selected to be bottled without blending.

Mi Casa brand assets

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