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Raicilla is a historic category of agave spirits from the state of Jalisco, which offers a vast diversity of maguey. The expansive terroir, along with a unique confluence of cultures and largest variety of pre-industrial still types, gives us an experience that is an incredible spectrum of flavor. La Venenosa bridges the gap between this unique landscape to preserve the culture and practices of these offerings.

La Venenosa and its founder, Esteban Morales Garibi, have brought Raicilla to the world.  Working with traditional producers across the region, La Venenosa offers a selection that highlights the diversity of Jalisco and its people.   


Raicilla has been the identity of the agave spirits of this region for over 300 years.  Its recent exposure in the global arena led to a fight for control of identity.  Unfortunately, the narrow-visioned have prevailed and a D.O. has been established that wrongfully excludes many.  For that reason, La Venenosa is moving in the direction of identifying as ESPIRITU DE JALISCO on its labels.  Rest assured, these are some of the finest RAICILLAS! For the traditional producers who do participate in the D.O. we wish then nothing but the best.



Tabernas is the regional term for distillery. This expression is meant to make amazing raicilla available at affordable prices. With that, it is wonderful by itself but very approachable for cocktails as well.



La Venenosa Sierra Occidental is a single distilled spirit made from Agave Maximiliana. It is viscous, beautifully acidic and is an opportunity to feel connected to the agave. Don Ruben Peña produces this destilado with his farm raised agave in the mountains between Guadalajara and Puerto Vallarta.



The Sierra Volcanes region of southern Jalisco is home to the oldest known traditions of distillation in Mexico. Maestro Arturo Campos uses clay pot stills, stone pit fermenters, and Maguey Cenizo Gigante to deliver a curiosity driving sensory experience. Think brie, toasted almonds and strawberry jam!



Puntas - the high hearts. La Venenosa continued to blaze a trail with its release in 2016. This overproof Raicilla, from the skilled hands of Gerardo Peña, known as El Lobo de la Sierra, delivers an explosion of flavor and intensity while being remarkably drinkable. The success of this expression has lead to the launch of the brand ‘El Lobo de la Sierra’, owned by the Maestro.



The agave used for Los Gigantes were the weight of a 1970's VW bug.



This is exploration at its finest. This is the first time a raicilla has been aged in sherry barrels!



The tree trunk distillation used by Alberto ‘Beto’ Hernández is something we don’t get to experience in most other spirits of the world. Unique in style and flavor, this coastal raicilla brings us a glimpse into some of the oldest distilling techniques of Mexico. This expression is historically significant, as well as culturally and economically impactful.



‘Tigre’ might very well be the most unique of all agave spirits. Made from agave Bruto, grown in a very moist region. Don Luis ferments without the addition of water and distills one time in clay pot stills, resulting in this one of a kind spirit. Famous for its cheesy aromas, it magically transforms to tart cherries and dark chocolates on the palate.



Tutsi is the name of the agave spirit made by the Wizradikan people often called Huichol. These communities from NW Jalisco are famous for their beadwork known as Chaquira and their ancestral practice of distillation. Don Rafael’s Tutsi is fermented in stone and distilled a single time in a tree trunk. Most batches are less than 80 liters. Step back in time!



A once in a lifetime experience, this single distilled raicilla of blue weber was left in glass for 20 years before making it into a bottle.

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