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A collection of mezcales that takes us on a journey through the mezcal denomination of origin, currently 7 of the 10 states. Mezcal is made throughout Mexico and every region offers its own unique stamp on the tapestry.  Each expression can be considered a benchmark and has been chosen to represent and highlight the traditions, terroir, and agave of the state where it is made.



Made at the oldest and yet most modern distillery in the entire Fidencio Spirits portfolio. Ample wild Agave Salmiana and little tree growth leads to agave roasting by quiote rather than wood. An herbaceous and floral mezcal that is bold yet light on smoke.



Often described as the missing link between tequila and mezcal, this 100% Tequilana Azul mezcal takes us back in time and is a great compliment to understand the journey that agave spirits have taken over the past 150 years.



A tasteful glimpse into a state rarely visited by Americans, this ensamble is made of three agaves of which two, Funkiana and Univitata, are unique to the region. This bright and powerful mezcal excites the senses.



Made in a unique, remote area of Guerrero at a viñata that is hike in only, this 100% Cupreata is distilled in a tree trunk still. It gives us a feeling of being in the jungle. Earth, florality and spice makes for an intriguing experience.



In order to have a meaningful journey, you must begin somewhere familiar. This expression by Javier Mateo is grounded by Espadín which allows the Tobalá to shine. A quick fermentation occurs due to the addition of pulque allowing for a clean, easy going yet complex mezcal that makes us consider what else Mexico has to offer.



This tropical, fruit forward expression comes from a great and often lesser known mezcal making region. Made with the traditional still typical to the region and of the most prolific agave in the area, Agave Durangensis.



Friendly, elegant and complex, this ensemble is made with a wood and copper internal condensing, or filipino style, still. The luscious mountains of Michoacán offer many fantastic mezcals and this is a fine example.

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